Provincial Nominee Program

Each province and territory have its own immigration programs that target certain groups and criteria for their PNP except the province of Quebec.

  • LMIA may be required;
  • Proof of legal status in the country of current residence;
  • Intent and ability to become economically established in the province of application;
  • Obtain a full-time permanent job offer in an eligible occupation (NOC 0,A,B,C,D);
  • Sufficient settlement funds;
  • Language: NOC 0, A, B require CLB 5 or higher; NOC C,D require CLB 4.

Regular PNP streams Express Entry PNP
Step 1 Applies PNP directly. Creates Express Entry online profile.
Step 2 -Approve
Receives Certification of Nomination.

No further actions.
When selected, receives a Notification of Interest from PNP.

Receives additional 600 points at your EE online profile and a PNP Nomination.

No further actions.
Step 3 When approved, submits Permanent Residence Application to the visa office within the timeframe. Receives an ITA and submits Permanent Residence Application online within 90 days.

Each province and territory’s streams, eligibility requirements and nomination guidelines for their PNP can change without notice. Check the websites of the provinces or territories for the most up-to-date information.

For further information, please contact our office either by email or by phone.